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Convertible Garden Bench
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About your convertible garden bench

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Customer Announcement: Unfortunately, due to other commitments, we are unable to take any orders for the bench for delivery in 2015. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

About your Garden Bench

Hand-crafted to the highest specifications this convertible bench is an ideal piece of garden furniture for both large and small gardens.

If you have a small garden then you will have two pieces of furniture taking up the space of just one!

If you have the space to entertain larger numbers of people, the need for more seating will be met without having to store extra tables and chairs.

This sturdy bench will compliment any garden all year round and converts in one easy movement to a "pub style" table that easily seats six people.

5' 1" x 2' (1550mm x 610mm)
Convertible garden bench
Table: 5' 1" x 4' (1550mm x 1220mm)
Bench Company garden picnic table


  • Made entirely of high quality softwood from sustainable sources that are managed to Forest Stewardship Council rules, our benches are a natural rich colour and given TWO COATS of preservative stain before being assembled. (We are happy to send you a wood "swatch" should you require it.)
  • This ensures that even the pieces of bench that you cannot see have been weatherproofed. The screws and bolts are zinc plated and have been chosen for their durability and resistance to corrosion.


In order to safeguard the lifespan of your bench we suggest that you re-treat it with a waterbased stain once a year. Remember that all pieces have already been given a double coat of stain before assembly so you have no need to worry about the surfaces you can't see (i.e. the joints etc.).

Do not waste your valuable time "tickling" the bench with a paint brush either!! Do it the way we do. Get yourself a strong pair of rubber gloves and a piece of sponge.

Dip a flat surface of the sponge into the stain, wipe off the excess and apply along the grain, coating all visible surfaces. Remember - less is more. It is easier to apply two lighter coats than one heavy one.

This is quick and easy and should not take you much more than a hour.



You only need a small amount of stain, buy a litre can. We use the Sikkens CETOL BL21 PLUS "Walnut" and that should be available from your local builders merchant or see the Sikkens website.

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